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Hello I have just been diagnosed with mild arthritis in my knee, for months I was being treated for a bakers cyst until I was actually given an mri scan which showed quite a few problems with my knee. My orthopaedic consultant has just referred me to a knee specialist at the hospital to discuss possible surgery. Just wondered if anyone has had surgery on their knee and did it help


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    Hi Louise Welcome to the forum,yes I have had 2 knee replacements 1 on each knee I have found the ops very valuable as after the initial ops 6 weeks after I was pain free and walking without sticks it changed my life and have had the replacements Left for 8 years and Right for 5 years still going strong but I did choose a surgeon who only replaced knees nothing else.
    This forum will help as everyone here has a form of arthritis and knows what you are going through you will find them willing to chat and give you advice. We also have a helpline if you want to talk
    to a person telephone 0808 800 4050 just choose a forum and get started
    All the best Christine t98112
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    Thank you Christine forums like this are great as you can talk to people going through the same thing. I'm not too keen on having surgery I have a tear in the medial mescial part of my knee with cartridge damage. My orthopaedic consultant has said if I have surgery to repair the tear it will accelerate my arthritis.
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    Hello there Louise welcome to the forum from me too.

    I'm glad they have finally found your problem :roll:

    This link takes you to a thread in 2012 when the forum was awash with knee operations!


    Don't forget to let us know how you get on

    Toni xx
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    Thank you for the link x