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Has anyone else had two hip replacements and found how different the the discomfort is ? I had one in June and found my leg swelled towards the end of the day but had gone down by evening and the discomfort was around the side of my buttock and I found some relief by lying on the bed a couple of times during the day and couldn't sit for too long. Had the other done hip last week but this time around the discomfort feels deep in the back of my buttock and is more comfortable to sit than to lie down plus my leg is swollen all the time ( although is going down a bit now)

Seems really weird as it is exactly the same op.!


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    I haven't had two hip replacements but I have had two open synovectomies on the same knee and they were very different in terms of post-op discomfort, length of healing etc. To me that made sense, the damage needing repair in the second op was different to that in the first and perhaps the same might apply to your hips: just because it's the same procedure doesn't mean that your original hips were the same in terms of damage - the surgeon may have had to do something different this time around. Anyway, I hope things start to improve for you sooner rather than later. DD
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    No I cannot answer this, but I wonder if those, (helenbothknees and Lindalegs - probably others I have a small memory :oops: ), who had both of their limbs done at the same time would bear you out?

    Well done being back on here already :)

    I am impressed :shock:


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