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My mam [in Belfast] has been in a home for some time now.
I live in the North East. Up until now we have always driven to Scotland and got the ferry over but since my shoulder replacement I couldn't cope with the journey to Scotland then the ferry over to Northern Ireland So we are flying and hiring a car.
I went on line to do the booking and discovered there was no assistance up the steps to the plane :shock: I haven't checked yet but I'm hoping that it is a small plane so not a lot of steps

Sorry about the moan but I was so surprised



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    Surely not Hileena?

    How do wheelchair users get on board???

    I would check in depth and see what you can find out?


    Toni xx

    PS your Mam is amazing!! :D
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    Don't they have an ambi-lift that's what they use at Birmingham airport for the planes so wheelchair users, disabled people and unsteady/elderly people can get on them. I'm sure your local airport has a disabled assistance? maybe worth calling your airport asking if they do and speaking with them to ask what they can do to help you.