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I was chatting to a member of staff at my mothers care home and visiting family residents came up, the residents like the way I do it! Intrigued I pressed on and apparently the residents like family who just pop in on the offchance and at random times, like you would when parents were living at home.

The residents don't like feeling crowded, having all the family visit at once and taking over all the chairs and space, its all too much (do they separate their lives there and lives before care?). So there you are, an insight into what others really think, I was surprised because I thought they would enjoy their Sunday visits. The residents had done a lot of thinking and talking amongst themselves, my mother might be one of the sharper knives in the drawer but they all felt the same. We live and learn.


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    You've really got a point there you know we should visit like we always would. Regular if we did or on-spec if we did.

    When Lucy was in hospital for the best part of 10 months (and I was trapped in with her) we sometimes got visitors en masse and it was too much much too much.

    I think well I know because we talked about it - we would have preferred visitors coming more often, but for shorter periods.

    Interesting Airwave :)


    Toni xx
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    How very interesting..I do hope that the other visitor will take heed..I have felt this in hospitals but never give a thought to care homes..good on them for pointing it out.. :)