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Hi all, thought I'd introduce myself before posting questions etc. My names Joe and I'm 28. 2 and a half years ago I woke up one day to find my left knee had gone massively swollen. I initially had it shrugged off as Housemaids Knee and to leave it. So I did. What a terrible bit of advice that was in hindsight. Having never really been unhealthy before I suppose I was a little nieve to just accept "just leave it" from my gp. Anyway after a few months I got referred to a specialist, and have finally after 2 and a half years started on medication, Sulfasalazine. I now have both my knees swollen, swollen finger , and pain in both feet especially my left foot. I've yet to receive a difinitive diagnosis but they suspect psoriatic arthritis as my skin has also taken a turn for the worse and I have a nasty finger nail as well as "sausage toes"

I've been reading many topics on this forum and thought it's about time I participated rather than just read advice, as I'm starting to feel quite a need for more support.

Anyway... hello!


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    Hello Joe

    Welcome to the forum, I am sure you will find help, support, advice and light relief here. There are people here who have psoriatic arthritis and who take Sulsafalazine. I am sure they will be able to give you helpful tips and words of advice. I suggest you write your next post in the Living with Arthritis page as this is the one most people are inclined to use.

    I am one of the moderation team. we all have one or more of the
    arthritis "hangers on" or look after family with the same,

    with best wishes

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    Hello Joe!

    Welcome to the forums from me too :D

    Sorry you are having to join us, but everyone here is so helpful and supportive you have come to the right place.

    There are a fair few on here who have PsA too so you will not feel alone.

    Join in wherever you like you will be sure of a welcome.

    Toni x
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    Hello, I have PsA without much of the P and took sulph for many years. It didn't do much arthritis-wise but I think it helped to keep my skin clear. I began with a fat knee in 1997, started sulph in 2002 but did not receive an accurate diagnosis until 2006.

    My current meds regime is injected humira (an anti-TNF) and injected methotrexate (a DMARD). It's keeping things under control so that's a good thing. DD
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    Thanks for the warm welcome :) yes I must say this sulfa seems to already have had a positive impact on my skin, especially a patch that's been stubborn for about a year. Hope it can help my feet pain a little.