Feel like I've got dry rot!

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Well, as some of you may know I have OA (osteo arthritis) in both knees (right partly replaced 2009; left totally replaced Jan 17); left ankle (needs fusing but I'm delaying) lumbar spine (also needs fusing but again I'm delaying) and cervical spine.

Unfortunately I can now add the following to the list: left thumb and left shoulder. :x

I always knew my OA would "spread like dry rot" but I'd hoped it wouldn't be for a few more years yet. My late Dad, bless him, was - as he'd have put it - 'riddled with OA' - and that, combined with family history, meant I knew this was probably on the cards for me.

I was told today by my GP that I have tendonitis in my left shoulder "with underlying OA in the joint". The treatment for the tendonitis is anti-inflammatories but I'm allergic to those so I have to grit my teeth. If no improvement next week, I have to go back to the GP. She also confirmed the disease in my left thumb.

The shoulder tendonitis has come on very suddenly, some arm movements are just impossible for me at the moment; others are very painful to attempt. However, I am trying to keep the joint moving.

To add to the mix, my orthopaedic consultant Friday last week confirmed my post-op left knee replacement results are "disappointing". I have a very brief - and very forced - 90 degree bend on the left knee, but it hurts dreadfully to try this. Friday was my third post-op check and my consultant is concerned that the results aren't better. This is despite hydrotherapy during the summer. So, I go back to see him again early March next year for a further check on the knee.

Life can be a challenge at times can't it? :roll:

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    So sorry your OA spreading quickly, I have a similar problem with OA started in my hip wrist and fingers 3 yrs ago, spread like wildfire have it everywhere other than my right elbow... seems I'm just getting used to dealing with 1 symptom and another one rears its ugly head! Still not fully got my head around it but my mother was riddled with OA and RA so should have expected it... hope you find relief soon [emoji253]

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    I think there's a big difference between the intellectual understanding that any form of arthritis is degenerative and progressive and actually experiencing it. :( DD
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    I'm still getting used to my arthritis, and always wonder/worry if it will eventually spread to my other knee/hips etc.
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    Hi Grace I really do feel for you, I have brought up the subject of OA spreading so quickly with my consultant and he say far more research needs to be done ...its not all wear and tear..hope you get some relief soon (())
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    Thanks for your kind replies.

    There's such a huge history of joint issues in my family we know it's genetic. My consultants have all said research is being done re genetics, and that medical people can see it runs in families. It certainly does in mine!

    I'm still trying to keep the shoulder moving. The further through the day the worse it gets so I know moving it makes it worse. By the time I went to bed last night I was using my right hand to move my left arm as trying to move the arm naturally hurt so much I was yelping with the pain.

    The tendonitis-related research I've done says to rest the joint - bit difficult when you live by yourself and you need to "push up" with your arms to get out/off chairs due to your dodgy knees. Never mind, lots of people worse off than me!

    Turn a negative into a positive!