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Ive got OA in my right hip which ive had for the last 7 years. I had my annual appt with my consultant a few weeks ago and the good news was that it hasnt got any worse over the last year and as im 45 hes not considering a hip replacement yet. I asked to be referred to a physio as ive not seen one since I was first diagnosed so im now on the waiting list.

Though as is always the case since my appt my hip has become really painful and im hobbling about when I first stand up to start walking for instance when I get out of the car my hip locks and I can't straighten it once ive walked for a few mins im able to stretch my painful hip and i am able to walk as normal. Its been so bad that im wondering if I should see a private physio or wait for my nhs appt. Apart from the fact I can book appointments to suit me is there any other difference between a private or nhs physio? Basically im asking is it worth paying to see one or not? I'd really like to get any opinions. Thanks :-)


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    Hi there,
    I do have quite a bit of personal experience of both private and NHS physios, and this is my personal opinion (others may disagree/have different experiences)
    I'm s great supporter of the NHS generally, and worked in the NHS as a nurse myself for 36 years.
    However, I've had fantastic results from private physios, and actually been 'damaged' by NHS physios.
    In my case I'm quite complex and also tend to respond in an atypical way to certain therapies, and the NHS physios simply do not have the time to get to know you properly. I've therefore been given exercises and such that have torn my ligaments, given me muscle spasms etc...and then had to pay for a private physio to sort me out.
    The private physios always had the time to take a more holistic approach and were more 'gentle' and individualised their care (rather than 'one size fits all') They also had access to a wider variety of tools to help, including acupuncture etc.
    I would personally starve and spend my money on a private physio.
    Though obviously this is just my personal experience.
    Good luck with whatever you choose...and if you do go private, ask for recommendations.
    Best wishes,
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    I'd agree with Trisha. Although in my case it is chiropractor I've been seeing not physio. The NHS physio have said they can do nothing for me for my sciatica, but the chiro will always see me and I feel much better after her manipulation etc. She took her time to get to know me and my specific requirements and issues, whereas with the NHS I did feel that they follow the set route and that's it.