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Hello I am new and need some help I am 64 and have arthritis for some time but the past 8 years or so have been hell.I am taking tramadol but thy are not helping I am in pain all the time and have told my doctor but he does nothing . I can't walk far and really suffer from the cold so in winter I don't go out just to local shop for food. I have no life and I'm getting deprest now . What do I have to do to make the doctor do something . Help


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    Hello Dee and a very warm welcome to you, I was sorry to read about your struggle. Living with pain can make you anxious and frustrated, you can end up making the symptoms worse as you tense up your muscles thereby adding to your pain, and of course unable to out also adds to the stress and anxiety.

    I wonder why your doctor feels taking Tramadol is the right root for your pain without anything else supporting that?

    Can I suggest you go back to your doctor and request an appointment with a Rheumatologist, it may be worth taking a family member or a friend with you for support.

    I had a similar experience and ended up going private for the initial appointment then being transferred to the NHS. I was seen within a week and started on meds that helped within the month.

    There is plenty of support for you here, and I know of a lot of people that have gone through and are going through the same as you are at present. I know that doesn't totally help your situation but it can help that there is a light at the end of the very long tunnel.

    There is also our helpline 0808 800 4050, where you will also receive support from experienced people.

    Please keep in touch and tell us how you are going on and if you have managed to get an appointment with a Rheumatologist.

    Thinking about you and sending warmest hugs

    Denise X