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Morning folks.
I would like to ask what everyones experience is of stiff fingers. Reason iam asking is because my index fingers and middle fingers, mainly on my left hand have been stiffining up. Usualy when gripping a mug or holding a bowl they will go stiff. If i clench my fist they will stiffen up. Anyone got any advice. Are these fingers now involved. Ive always had problems with my ring finger being tight to bend.
Got rheumy next week, i feel as though most times i go there somthing new to moan about.
Thanks weepth2k10.


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    My fingers are reluctant to bend first thing so I gently get them going by clenching into a fist then stretching - in the depths of winter if they are particularly stiff I soak them in a basin of warm water. I tend to use both hands to hold mugs and cups, in fact I've replaced most of our mugs with handle-less ones as I find them easier to hold.

    Some people swear by soaking their hands in warm water laced with Epsom salts, I have a feeling the majority of them had OA however you never know until you try. We all stiffen if we hold a position for too long whether it be our arms, legs, fingers, ankles so keep your fingers moving as unobtrusively as you can. Clenching and stretching is good as is pretending to play the piano. DD
    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
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    My fingers stiffen up , but do come and go thank goodness,unlike the thumbs... the rubber ball that you squeeze is good to keep them moving..
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    Thanks for the replies. I did forget to say these new problems im having are painless. I worry because i drive for a living and dont want them to stiffen up at work. Maybe its more noticable as ive been off work for a week and not as active as usual.