possible arthris looking for some advice

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hello my name is emma im new to this i am age 31.
i live i manchester and have children, two of my children both have hms. for the past year i have being getting very dull aches in my hands fingers feet sholder and my wrists and knees . im looking at seeing if it may be arthrists. im wondering who i need to see to get it checked out? any advice would be great thanks so much


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    Hi windsor09
    Welcome to the forum where we all have Arthritis of some kind,we have all been to our GP to be diagnosed, I have Osteoarthritis and have had for years. If I were you I would put an appointment with your GP at the surgery you attend and they will run a few tests.
    Meanwhile you can speak to our helpline telephone 0808 800 4050 you will get some one to talk to,and talk on the forums everyone is friendly nd will give you good advice.
    All the best Christine
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    Hello, the best place to start is with your GP. Make a list of what hurts, when, what makes things worse or better (including diet and weather), tiredness and pain levels because this will give him a better all-round picture of how you are being affected.

    Osteo arthritis is the most common kind and this is the one that GPs deal with. Your GP might request some blood tests to rule out the other kinds; they might not be conclusive and you might have to see a doctor at the hospital who specialises in the others. Please let us know how you get on and I hope things get better. DD
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