Thoughts on Anti Inflamatory Drugs

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Hi again,

I have been doing the strength exercises and some range of movements ones and there is a slight decrease in pain levels. Dealing with OA here.

I was reading stuff and saw that some NSAIDs give results in decreasing inflamation in the body and helps hurting joints to recover. I am thinking of trying some but would like to hear your experience if any. Has any of you with OA ever used NSAIDs ? If yes what are the side effects and benefits ?



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    I don't think joints recover as such, once the damage is done it's done but anti-inflammatories can reduce pain which improves the quality of life. I never had that experience with them myself but others have. An important thing to remember is that side-effects are not guaranteed, when it comes to medication all of us on here face Hobson's Choice, I always opt for the meds but I'm in a different boat to you. DD
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    I think probably most of us have used them at one time or another. They are a useful too though maybe not a long-term one. Here's what AC says about them .

    If you decide to go down that route please go via your GP not over the counter as, like most meds that are any use, they are best supervised.
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    They do work on the inflation, but shouldn't be taken long term..there are new guidelines I think..must say when mine were stopped due to kidney problems I really felt the difference..the pain was much worse..
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    I was only allowed a short prescription because of osteoporosis, I was offered more later but turned them down not wanting any unwanted side effects now or at a later date.

    The side effects are not nice.
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    Thanks for your replies,
    Haven't checked here for a while, been busy with the welcoming of our first baby girl. My doctor didn't prescribe NSAIDs so I should wait for the next appointment and ask them about this.

    Will update if there is something new. Meanwhile, my OA seems to have been easy on me these days as I am doing joint strength exercises. Except for the wrist which worsened a bit. I think it is due to the fact that I hold the baby in my hands for long periods of time.
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    Hi Musimato, well it looks like congratulations are in order. You must be very excited. When did she arrive?

    Some people can tolerate Nsaids quite well but others find they upset their tummies. I take them very occasionally but sadly I am one of those that struggle with the side effects due to having a stomach ulcer. It is important to check with your Dr about these drugs before taking them.

    Enjoy being with your baby girl and keep gentle exercising

    hugs Denise
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    Welcome to your new Baby Girl :)


    Toni xx
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    Thanks for all your Congratulations. She arrived on 22nd, November. She is doing great and it is an ongoing excitement for us.