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Hello, I'm newly diagnosed with osteoarthritus aged 47. I need to loose weight, been trying for years but hopefully now I really need to I might be able to stick to a diet. My knees are the main problem, but getting stiffness in hips after sitting a while, and fingers not good in the morning.


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    Hello, I too have OA but as a result of my other arthritis. It affects my ankles, knees and hips and even though I have lost weight the damage in the joints is still very painful. Hey-ho. :roll:

    There is no great secret about losing weight, it's about eating less, eating better and moving around more. The latter may be harder for the likes of us but we mustn't let that put us off. I use a smaller dinner plate and the size of knife and fork that are usually put out for starters. I chew every mouthful at least thirty times, I do not take huge mouthfuls and we don't eat in front of the telly. Paying attention to what we are eating, the tastes and textures etc. is very important. Of course it takes a huge effort to change our habits but the common attitude of deprivation is not helpful because we are not depriving ourselves, we are empowering our health and quality of life. Good luck and I wish you well. DD
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    Thanks for your comments. My BMI is about 35, so this is obviously not good for my knees. I've tried to loose weight so many times, I manage about 7 pounds, then end up putting it back on. I used to enjoy running, but Doc told me not to! I'm going to try the local gym and use the stationary bikes, see if I can get into a routine with that.
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    That should help a lot. Swimming is good too.

    One or two people on here have started 'slimming threads' on Chit Chat and had very good success - and support. Good luck.