Osteo and Benefits.

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Hi all. This is my first post after stumbling upon it.

I'm 62 and struggling to do my job as a plasterer. I have recently been on JSA but applied for ESA.
I am struggling with Osteoarthritis in both knees and waiting for knee replacements. I had an X ray not too long ago where I was also diagnosed with Osteo in my Hip. I also have degenerative wear and tear to my lower spine. How I managed to continue in recent years has been a wonder.
I was told to claim for PIP but tried once before and scored zero points. I am in constant pain walking and struggle to even depress the clutch pedal in my car. I also struggle to get in and out of it without assistance from my wife. I need assistance cooking because I can't stand for long and I now am struggling with arthritis in my hands.
I have a PIP form but do I put as much information as possible on the form or do I just make it short but to the point? Last time I only mentioned a few problems but my condition now has got so bad I do need help with my daily living. Do I put as much info on the form or do I keep it minimum. I recall the assessment from last time where the interview only lasted around twenty mins and didn't cover every complaint I had.
I would be more than appreciated if anyone could assist me who has recently completed one of these forms.


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    Hello Omnipollo and welcome to the forums from the moderation team.
    I am very sorry to hear about your Osteoarthritis and the affect it is having on your ability to work. PIP is a benefit payable to work-aged people who have extra needs. It is certainly worth applying for fairly soon in your case as you need to be 64 or under to apply.

    Many of our forum users get help to complete their application forms form agencies such as Citizen’s Advice, (formerly CAB), or Dial.

    I am attaching a link which is well worth reading and includes further links such as a full fact-sheet:


    We have a great community here, who have lots of experience of arthritis who I know will make you very welcome and help in any way they can.

    I look forward to seeing you posting in future.

    Best wishes

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    Hello, it's lovely to meet you but I am sorry you have had to find us. I have osteo in some very useful joints and agree, looking back it can be remarkable how we have continued getting on with things despite the pain and mobility issues.

    I began my arthritic troubles back in 1997 when I was 37 so I have a fair bit of experience but not on the benefit front: I currently receive DLA (the forerunner to PIP) and was granted a lifetime award - I think this was back in 2007. I know I will be transferred to PIP in due course but I have no idea how that will be done. I have always been as open as possible with my GP and my rheumatologist (I have both kinds) and will do the same when I have to fill in the forms: my view is to paint the blackest picture possible to aid my cause. I use the income to pay for my cleaner and gardener, fuel and any other costs that arise because I cannot physically cope but admit I am out of touch with how these things work. I doubt my reply has helped but I wanted to acknowledge your post.

    I wish you well. DD
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    I was surprised to find some else with similar OA as myself! I was firsr diagnosed at 25 and had years of feeling uncomfortable before that, at 62 we share more than I would like to.

    As to which I cannot put up with, it changes, I did the 'Cloudy with a touch of pain' for over a year and hope to get some results. The back pain is frightening and does pull you down more than other joints, we can hobble, use a stick, one handedly make a cuppa or drive but when your back hurts its time to stop.

    I still do some forms of exercise, it does help but as always its a balance between helping your body support your movements and creating more wear and tear. Exercise aids mental outlook as much as anything, so don't stop doing what you enjoy.

    As always I have been totally honest when applying for DLA but then its only telling the truth!

    Let us know how you get on, pop over to Chit Chat.