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I have a PIP review medical in a week. Thing is the medical is so far away. And when I got the venue of it. I had a anxiety attack cause it is going to be in a place I don't know. I do not have my own transport. And no one to come with me. I have dreadful pain walking. That it is proving impossible for me to go out without support. Like taxi. I told the DWP on the form I am having severe problems getting out of my home. It is very difficult for me to write now. But I need advice. I have no clue where the ATOS medical will be. And. I am feeling so in pain and unwell. I don't know what to do? I have osteo+ another problem with my feet that has reduced my walking speed. I have to concentrate as best as I can. Cause I have been in years of pain. With various things. I feel so exhausted. It has took me 5 hours took me 5 hours to put this together. I do have a right to support.


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    Welcome to the forums Blurcrystal from the Moderating Team.

    I am very sorry to hear you are in so much pain with your Osteoarthritis and that even the prospect of your imminent PIP review brought on a panic attack.

    You say you don’t know where the venue is, have no-one to attend it with you and are experiencing great difficulty even getting out of your house.

    ATOS will, in exceptional cases, allow the use of taxis and even fund the cost and may even do some assessments in people’s own homes. If you haven’t responded to their letter by telling them of your extreme difficulties that needs to be done very soon.

    You say it took you 5 hours to write this post so I can see how stressful you are finding the situation – maybe seeking help from Citizen’s advice would be a good idea.

    They are experienced in dealing with such issues and may be able to negotiate a better venue for your assessment. You can look for your local contact here:

    When you ring them you need to let them know exactly when the assessment is scheduled in-case they need to get is postponed for you; they may even be able to request a home visit.

    If you think it would help to speak to one of our helpline team they are available during office hours on:

    0808 800 4050

    Hopefully some of the forum members will be along to chat to you soon with their stories.
    It’s the weekend now so probably you won’t be able to do much so try not to worry, but deal with it first thing on Monday.

    Do please let us know how you get on.

    Best wishes

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    Hello Blurcrystal

    You poor thing! They are horrible :(

    Listen - my sister postponed an appointment once (she didn't have anyone to go with her) and they were ok with that.

    Citizen's advice are always sorting this sort of thing out, Ellen is right to suggest you contact them, but you must tell them it's urgent.

    They just can't realise how much stress this sort of thing puts on us!!!

    Sending you some ((()))


    Toni xxx