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lindamaylindamay Posts: 112
I get pain in my wrists and hands. The nurse at the doctors said take paracetamol. You can take up to 8 a day. I do not take this many as I believe they can cause damage to liver if taken long term. Sometimes go a day or two without and some days take about 4. My husband also uses them. Having to buy them from shop ourselves now but they only allow you 2 packs of 16 in one day. This means regular visits to buy them. Is there any way to buy more of them in one go to save so many trips to the shop? Help appreciated.


  • SloshSlosh Posts: 3,194
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    Can you ask your Dr to put them on prescription for you?
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  • lindamaylindamay Posts: 112
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    They no longer put paracetamol on prescription.
  • dreamdaisydreamdaisy Posts: 31,567 ✭✭✭
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    Hello, I am not a member of Helplines but I do know why paracetamol is not prescribed and why the amount we can buy is limited.

    It's the cheapest pain relief method available so to pay £8.40 for, let's say 100 tablets when to buy 128 can cost as little as £1.50 is nonsensical. It is limited because of the harm it can cause but there is nothing to say we cannot build a little stockpile at home. It's easy enough to buy a couple of packets whenever one is out and about, even petrol stations stock them. On the increasingly common occasions where my pharmacy has mucked up my cocodamol script I have to buy Solpadol OTC and have some packs stored away. I agree it is a nuisance to have to do this but the economics speak for themselves. DD
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  • lindamaylindamay Posts: 112
    edited 30. Nov -1, 00:00
    I do understand the economics of this and agree with what you say its just that taking them regularly especially in cold weather its not always easy to pop out and buy them, and with all the cut backs with the NHS its the right thing to do. I try to remember when I do my weekly shop......but sometimes memory fails me and I go home without them.
  • helpline_teamhelpline_team Posts: 1,963
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    Hi Lindamay,

    Thank you for posting on the helplines forum. I am sorry to hear about the pain in your wrists and hands. It is understandable that you have concerns about taking a lot of paracetamol, due to side effects and the problem purchasing large quantities (especially as your husband takes them as well).

    I’m wondering whether an appointment with your GP may help? This would give you the opportunity to review your pain relief and medications with your GP and talk through your concerns about paracetamol.

    For our booklet about Managing Pain, see: https://www.arthritiscare.org.uk/do-i-have-arthritis/publications/217-managing-pain

    If you feel it would help to talk things over with one of the Helplines Team, you are welcome to give us a call on our free helpline 0808 800 4050 weekdays 9.30am - 5pm.

    With best wishes,

    Fiona, Helplines Worker
  • lindamaylindamay Posts: 112
    edited 30. Nov -1, 00:00
    Thank you for your help. Will look more into this.
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