Samter’s Triad

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Hi, I am at present awaiting my appointment with a consultant rheumatologist after suspected RA diagnosis of my GP.
I suffer from Samter’s Triad which means I have a severe intolerance of aspirin and other NSAIDs with asthma and nasal inflammation.
I had a bad reaction to diclofenac and have stopped taking this.
I wonder if anyone else has this condition and if so how this may affect the medication the consultant is likely to try to combat the RA.I am worried about anything that is likely to trigger a nasty reaction given what I say above.

Hi Richard
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    Hello, I can understand your concern but we're not really the people to ask. When you see the rheumatologist ensure that he is fully aware of this condition (I've never heard of it, thank you for broadening my education!) so that he can gauge the best medication options for you. I have asthma which is well-controlled and have not had any trouble when taking NSAIDs (apart from the fact they did burger all for the arthritis). I wish you well and please let us know how you get on. DD
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    Hi Richard , never heard of Samter’s Triad but I have Occupational Asthma & had Rheumatiod Arthritis for over twenty years

    About 1 in 10 people with Asthma have problems with aspirin and other NSAIDs & every NSAID I have tried causes Asthma so could never take them which is not good for RA but there are other drug your consultant can give out to control RA , just hope your GP is wrong
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    Hi Richard
    Sorry I have never heard of this..but want to welcome you to the forum...we live and learn everyday..