Good news. No, actually GREAT news!

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It’s been a while but no news is good news. I have been making a very slow but steady recovery. Hard to believe it’s been less than 6 months since my operation and all the palaver that happened after it. I returned to work in October for a few hours every day and I’m now up to 3 full days a week. I made a decision that I’ll do this until May and then I hope it’ll be business as usual.

I’ve been reflecting back on the year as we approach the end and I took the plunge and applied for another job. It’s the same employer but different team. It’s time to stretch and challenge myself. Today I got offered the job and I am over the moon.

In September, I beame an auntie. My gorgeous, perfect nephew is quite honestly, one of the best things that has ever happened to our family. My sister lives less than a mile away and I get the joy of seeing him all the time and it’s such a privilege. It’s highly unlikely I will have children of my own, so enjoying this little boy is very special for me.

I’m not going to blab about my health. It’s not important today. I am happy and content and I am Sophie.

Is it a bit early to wish you all a very merry Christmas and happy new year?! xx


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    Hello, Sophie, it's lovely to hear from you and with such a wonderful post. I am so pleased that things are going better (it's about time they did, yes?) and that yet again you are taking the bull of life by its very prickly horns and swinging it round your head to show it who's boss. Deep respect! ((( ))) DD

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    Well done you Sophie! Way to go girl!

    Great news for you, especially re your new nephew. Hope you have lots of lovely cuddles with him. When my first nephew was born for his first Christmas I got him a small (one drum only) drum kit. His mum - my sister - wasn't impressed but young Jamie was. Being an Aunt you get away with giving gifts like that ... :lol::lol:

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    Feel free to 'blab' about your health, Sophie. Goodness only knows, you've earned some good times.

    Well done on the job front.

    And keep on enjoying that little fellow.
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    What wonderful news Sophie on so many fronts! Your first Christmas with your nephew, you will be smiling in your sleep.

    Good luck with the new job and Happy New Year

    Wazz xxx
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    Great to hear things are going so well for you, you so deserve it after everything you've been through this year, I really hope that 2018 continues the same as the ending of 2017.
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