Facet joint injections & radio frequency lesioning

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Hello, I have been offered the above treatments to try and alleviate the pain of OA in my neck.

Has anyone any experience of these treatments?

I would particularly like to hear from anyone who has had this done to the neck. How was it? Did it work?

I would be grateful for any help and/or advice.

Thank you



  • stickywicket
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    I've no experience of these, Sue, but, if you put the terms into the search engine above, former threads will come up.
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    I have had the joint injections a few times, not a good experience though, the fluid increases the pressure in the joint and the crystals in the injection take 2-3 days to disolve, they are too large to pass through the capilleries by osmotic pressure alone.

    I haven't had a good outcome from any of them, thankfulky for others I am in the minority, take heart from those that do get helped by them.