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i'm finding the cold weather absolute hell. This morning i woke to my hip in agony.....then the doorbell went!......tried to get out of bed, but i was so slow in doing so that when i got to the door no one was there. But the pain, even though i had taken painkillers the night before, was sharp when i tried to turn myself round into a sitting position. I waiting on an appointment to see the consultant as i'm desperately for a steroid injection to help reduce the pain. I've had one before and it was great for about 3 weeks, but then the pain came back. I'm using my stick more often, especially in the icy weather. I keep a hot water bottle on my hip if i am watching tv or sitting still. The consultant said that an operation wouldn't be considered until my epilepsy had settled down, so as things have calmed down a bit seizure wise i'm really hoping that the news might be good. The only pain relief is when i go swimming. For 30-45 mins it feels great!
Am dreading the next few weeks as i have to do a lot of bus travel, each journey lasting 2 hours at least. I know that things are more painful because of the cold. There have been days were i have wanted to go outside, but have decided to stay out because it is painful. When i start walking it is agony in my left hip (my right hip if fine) then the pain eases off a bit. But when i pause in the shops or wait for a bus then the pain immediately kicks in. I've noticed that carrying heavy shopping also doesn't help! With not driving and living in a semi rural area it can be frustrating.
Also frustrated at people looking at me, saying that i'm too young for arthritis and that there is nothing wrong with me. I have a free bus pass and on days when the pain has been really painful i have sat in the disabled seat. When the pain isn't too bad i've sat in one of the other seats. I know it's the wrong attitude, but all i want to do i curl up with a hot water bottle. At times i feel kind of low because of the pain. The painkillers help, but only so much. Hopefully i'll get to see the consultant at the hospital soon and discuss things. Sorry for the moan! Sometimes i bottle things up and want to let off steam. Before arthritis i would go off and take a really long walk in the countryside or along the beach. I channel some of my frustration in the swimming pool. In the area where i live there are lots of people with arthritis but they are at least 40 years older than me and the nearest group is at a location where public transport makes things impossible. Like my epilepsy it is frustrating having an invisible condition. Sorry for the moan, i just needed to off load some stuff. A couple of GPs who i have seen have just said not very much and just sent a referral to the hospital. Doing basic things about the house is slowly becoming that bit more awkward, so i am having to consider getting things like a handle outside the door and other aids. I just needed to let off steam! 🙁


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    If you need to let off steam this is the right place. We all understand how difficult life is with arthritis and you are also having to battle epilepsy.

    Well done with the swimming. That should help. As for carrying shopping - what about a trolley? Would that be easier? Or, do as I so and get your groceries delivered.

    There are lots of aids and adaptions about. Look on any disability store. Maybe now is the time to get a few. I couldn't be without mine.

    How are things now?
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    It will do you good to let off steam ..it really can help..gosh that is some journey when you are in pain..like SW says there are so many aids out there..not easy to admit you need them whatever age you are, but they do come in..I hope you can get some help with that pain very soon..maybe ask to be referred to a pain clinic..xx
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    Took a huge seizure early hours of this morning and must have landed awkwardly (i don't have any recollection of the seizure) My hip now feels that it has been hit with a hammer and i have a hot water bottle on it nad have taken painkillers. Hit my back off the radiator in the bathroom and am just feeling low. I did remember to take my medication, but i think it is just a case of me not remembering to have regular meals and to keep to a routine. Had even planned on going swimming today!!
    But one step at a time. Did manage to get an excellent pair of walking shoes for a Christmas present that have fantastic soles for the winter ground.
    Also got a wheat bag, that some kindly gave as they knew that heat helped with my aches......unfortunately i don't have a microwave! But the thought was lovely. Am now looking at microwaves!
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    You get as many aids as you need. I think we all have aids. Most of them given by the hospital or some are given by social services. Depending on what area you are in I think.
    Mine come from the Occupational Therapist at the hospital.
    This is the best place to come and moan because we know what you are going through.....we are all going through much the same.