Life after hip ops

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I've had two very successful hip replacements...recovered quickly...and back to walking with no probs. Now though I have developed discomfort just below my knees ....I have heard that you can get knee discomfort after hip ops due to the different way of walking .. I know my left foot turned inwards as I walked before op and had odd gait but now it is straight I am wondering if it could possibly be because my leg is adjusting to this and is just untill my body adjusts. Has anyone else experienced anything. Have had no problems with my knees before


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    I have two friends that have had three new hips between them, they are doing well, skiing at a very high level, they complain about having a 'metal bum', bumps in the night and when sitting down haha!

    She also says she can't do some of the more complicated tangos because her knees won't co-operate, I imagine this is the same complaint as you?