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Hello everyone I had a car accident six years ago and broke nearly all my bones I was lucky to survive and now six years later I have started to get pain in my left hip so went to the doctor who sent me for an X-ray and the results were I have bad arthritis. He wants to send me to a specialist about a replacement hip I don’t want to go down that route I want to go to Zin yoga classes in the new year do you think this is a good idea christmas01


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    The replacement hip may enable you to benefit more from yoga than the dodgy one will allow. Replacement joints usually lead to greatly improved mobility and greatly reduced pain; a hip replacement is the most straightforward of operations because it is such a simple joint. Why don't you want to go down this route? The damage is done, nothing can repair it, and struggling on will make it more likely for the OA to spread, which, believe me, isn't ideal.

    Replacements are not lightly offered, time and again we hear from people who have been refused knees or hips despite being in desperate need. I wish you well with whatever decision you make. DD
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    Hello and welcome from me too.

    I'm sorry to hear of your accident. I'm afraid it isn't unusual for arthritis to set in where a joint has previously suffered trauma.

    It might be that your GP is just referring you to the orthopaedic surgeon so that he, the expert, can decide the best way to proceed. This might not involve a new hip immediately. As DD says, many on here are desperate for new hips and knees but denied them more due to age than any medical reason. Your case might be different if you have previously broken several bones (I doubt you'll have broken 'nearly all' as the body has 207 in all :o ) so it might make a lot of sense, in your case, to intervene quickly but the orthopaedic surgeon is the best man to talk to about this.

    It's not an either / or, though. Yoga is recommended for arthritis. I'm not sure what Zin yoga is. I've heard of Yin and Zen but not Zin. Maybe it's a combination of the two. My suggestion would be to go for the yoga but also have a serious chat with the specialist. Good luck!
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    Hi. I would go for the new hip. I had a total RH replacement in Nov 2016 and it's wonderful. You will still be able to do the yoga eventually. Of course the decision is yours and your doctors although I would go and see the orthopedic surgeon and discuss things. Don't know if it's allowed to put a link onto another forum and if not appologies to the moderators. I am still using this forum - It's a forum for pre-op and post-op hip and knee replacements run by a theatre nurse. They have all the info on replacements. Good luck with your decision,