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Hi my name is Alexandria, I'm in the Midlands, I was surfing the net and found this site, its good to be somewhere that I want be judged by my disability I hope.
I was diagnosed with RA about 14 years ago, have had ups and downs and seem to have coped with it and a couple of other ailments quite well, I think.
Last year I had a bit of a mishap, climbed up onto a fence and decided to do quick free fall off of it, well not intentionally, sadly I broke my pelvis and hip, I also suffer from tomophobia, this has caused many problems, so I was set to have conservative treatment, long story short I'm sadly still on 2 crutches, the pelvis has healed but the hip hasn't, orthopedic surgeon says that I can weight bear to tolerance, I have physio every two weeks and hydro every week, I'm trying to alter diet etc to hopefully see if I can help hip heal, I'm only feeling real bad pain when I try to do 100% weight bearing, this also makes leg leap up so it nearly knocks me over, does anyone have any idea why this happens, MRI says that there was no arthritis in hip June this year and no avascular necrosis, so I would absolutely love it if anyone has any advice they could offer, I would be eternally grateful, I also have osteoporosis.
Hope your all looking forward to Christmas


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    Welcome Alexandria,

    Oh dear, that doesn't sound so good, at least the pelvis has healed itself, do your medical team know why your hip is still so painful. Are you able to keep up with the physio between visits, the hydrotherapy should at least give some relief for you.

    Checking on your eating habits is always good to do, there are herbs that have old names like knit bone for comfrey but remember they could react with your prescribed medicines so always check with your pharmacist before taking anything.

    You mention an MRI in June, maybe a repeat scan could help, and set your mind at rest if there is still no osteoarthritis or necrosis.

    Take care
    Yvonne x
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    Hi merry christmas and a happy new year.I'm also new and i'm peter albert.