post THR, E45 and massage.

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I'm 5 weeks post op left side THR. It is my 2nd thr so sort of knew the routine.
Anyway I forgot that you had to massage the scar with E45, at least nobody at the joint school and in the hospital mentioned it until I went for my first physio.

My friend is a beauty therapist and has let me borrow her massager. It is fab and has done a wonderful job on the thick scar tissue and has helped with the pain and walking. I use it bare on the skin. pressing very hard and then use the E45 afterwards.

So I would advise any one who's having hip replacement to use one.

All the best, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year xx

Elizabeth christmas01 xxxxxx


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    Thankyou Elizabeth..I was told at my 6 weeks check up to massed the scar ..but never gave a thought to a massager..will have a look at them..its never to late..x
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    I used to oil my scars, my favourite was aloe-infused baby oil. E45 brings me out in a rash which is not really supposed to happen, is it? I am pleased that you have had it done, tkachev, and I hope all is going as well as possible. DD
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    Is the massager a home use item or aid for hospital therapy units?