According to a survey ...

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... of millennials (the under 30's) 3% of those surveyed thought that Auld Lang Syne had been written by Mariah Carey!

Yup - you did read that correctly even though your brain is going "what!!!" and your eyebrows have now surely disappeared under your hairline. :lol:

I heard this on my local BBC radio station on Friday morning. They didn't say, however, how many under 30's had been surveyed ...

When I heard this though I laughed my head off. Never heard anything dafter in my life!! :roll:

Turn a negative into a positive!


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    They probably didn't say how / when or where the survey had been conducted either. Surveys are only as good as the expertise that goes into them.

    Now I know Robert Burns wrote Auld Lang Syne but I haven't a clue who wrote any of Mariah Carey's songs or even their titles. I suspect some would find that astonishing.
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    I caught part of 'Celebrity' Mastermind last night, a very pretty, very young woman who presents summat on CBBC was astonishing with how poorly she did on both her specialist subject (I knew more than she did) and her 'general' knowledge. My favourite of her nine passes in that round was 'What is the fruit of an oak tree called?' I doubt that she made double figures, I didn't hang around to find out.

    Younger people do not know the things we take for granted: I used to randomly question my pupils on what I view as basic stuff and the depth of their ignorance was frightening. One of them helpfully pointed out that stuff kept happening so there was too much to know which was food for thought. DD
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    I find it surprising how young people of today know so little .
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    Yeah...and milk comes from a bottle, potatoes from Tescos, are we the last of the educated people in this country?

    I consider myself not quite as thick as two short planks, not very well educated but for knowledge I leave many standing. Perhaps many look down into those little screens for too long without wondering why the world is round?

    PPSSSSSTTTTT, we have forsythe and primroses out, can we have springtime smilies?
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    mig, most of them barely even know their own name!

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    Hi Airwave
    new smilies have just arrived and there is a bunch of flowers, a sun and a rainbow to get us thinking about spring
    Best Wishes
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    The magnolia is in its pre-budding stage as well, it'll be a magnificent bloom soon, daffs though, in January? Saying that I can see the buds on the apple and pear trees starting to swell The ground is so waterlogged its a bit risky getting down to my shed, I slipped twice yesterday!

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    I'm a millennial, and I know that Auld Lang Syne was written by Robert Burns in 1788. I also know some of Mariah Carey's songs (to be fair, she did cover Auld Lang Syne on her Christmas album!).

    I also know that oak trees produce acorns, that cows (and goats, and sheep) produce the milk we drink, and that potatoes (and peanuts!) grow in the ground.

    I also know that the earth is round (or rather, globe-shaped) because we're spinning at 1000 mph.

    I didn't learn any of this in school though... Maybe that's the problem?!