4.30am taking oxycodone for my screaming hips

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Oh Lordy 😣😣
My hips are back up waking me in middle of the night & ive just had to take oxycodone. It's just so dreadfully painful, heat, deep heat, analgesia & misery. I've just had my Mtx injections increased from 15mg to 20mg.

It's very frustrating, not many places to share this especially in the wee small hours.

Much love x


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    I'm glad you felt you could share it with us. They are rightly called 'the dark hours'. Everything seems so much worse in the middle of the night when we are alone with our pain. I hope the pain relief helped. How are things today?

    We used to have a thread on Chit Chat called 'Night owls and early birds' where those awake for whatever reason could talk to each other. You could always try resurrecting it if this happens again though I hope the need won't arise.
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    The night time is so much longer when in pain, like SW says we used to have the night owl thread but I haven't seen it for a while..I really do hope that the pains has eased, if only a little..
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    Sadly I can remember my last uninterrupted night's sleep (it happened in Somerset in 2005) and is a memory I wish would fade because I know it's no longer a realistic expectation. Pain-breakthrough is a normal occurrence and I think things feel worse at night because there is no distraction. When I wake I read my Kindle (a boon because it doesn't disturb The Spouse) until I feel sleepy again: I will also take a couple of cocos if it's been at least six hours since my last dose.

    A steady drip-drip of pain relief is a good way to avoid things building to a crescendo because if they do that then nothing seems to touch it. Pain killers is a total misnomer - so is pain relief: I coined the term 'pain dullers' because that is what they do, they dull the sharper edges.

    Ongoing pain is tiring, debilitating, depressing and challenging but it has to be dealt with. Over the years I have developed my coping strategies, and I am sure you will develop yours, and it can be a great help to vent to those who understand. I hope your nights are improving. DD
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    You have my sympathy as well. I am on oxycodone too but even though I still have disturbed nights. They do seem endless don't they. I often listen to audiiobooks or radio plays as a distraction or if it's really bad I get up and watch tv for a while in my recliner. My GP did prescribe me with a strong antihistamine, Phenergan, and if I've had a run of very disturbed nights I take one, the lowest dose, for a couple of nights, I'm careful though not to take them everynight.
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    Hello, have things settled down at least a little? I hope so. DD