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Hope you have all survived the recent rough weather? Not a good way to start the new year.
I was reminded yesterday when my sister phoned that we can be very insular sometimes. She lives in Rotterdam and was calling me(not a frequent occurrence so I panicked at first, but it was an admin thing) as she walked to the shops. The wind kept blocking out what she was saying and when we got to discussing the weather she remarked that all the flood defences were in place because of the combination of high water and strong winds. It's something that doesn't happen routinely and she's never seen it before as she travels such a lot so such things happen in her absence - worrying in itself! However all went of OK she tells me this morning. I know the Dutch are geared up for inundation threat but even so it is a reminder that some places have more to deal with than others....


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    We had a neighbours large branch down on our appletree and greenhouse, apart from being woken by the winds, we survived.
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    This is live camera from New York's Times square, at the moment there is a storm Grayson hitting them.
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    I count myself very lucky only lost a shed door..and yesterday a couple of pots were blown over..gosh Ron it looked awful in New York.. :shock:
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    Storm? What storm? Nothing here in E. Scottish Borders.

    Daffy, re flood defences - when looking up the weather forecast when we're with our son in LA, it always also says how many earthquakes there has been in LA in last 24 hours.

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