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Hi everyone, hope you’re all doing ok.

I am into my 9th year of Rheumatoid Arthritis and after a stressful 2017 and losing my Mum and Uncle 5 months apart, my RA decided to make itself really felt and my first nodules have appeared on my fingers (spotted by a Pip assessor of all people 🙄). I was on leflunomide and abatacept and my rheumy has added azathioprine to the mix now. One finger is particularly sore and I wondered if any of you have found anything to protect your fingers? It really hurts if I put any pressure on it or type. Any suggestions on how to prevent these getting worse would be gratefully received. They are currently pea size and I’ve managed to acquire 4 🙄 xx


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    Hi Rach1972
    welcome to the community and my goodness you have had a stressful year indeed, I am so sorry to hear about your loss. Arthritis does seem to get worse with stress doesn't it. I wondered if you had spoken to your rheumatologist about your nodules, they really would be the best person to advise you. It may also be worth asking for a referral to the occupational therapist to see if they can provide you with some support for your sore finger. You could also phone our helpline for more information on 0808 8004050
    There are lots of wonderful members here and I am sure they will be able to off you some suggestions too. Let us know how you get on
    Best Wishes
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    I've never really tried to protect mine though they do tend to crop up in places which are easily banged. Very occasionally, when doing a job that I know will result in multiple bangings, I have taped a bit of foam to the relevant one.

    I hope the increased meds will help.
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    I am so sorry to read of your difficult times - arthritis appreciates stress and can make a difficult situation harder for us to manage. I hope that the added medication helps matters, how long has it been since you had a meds review? Please let us know how you get on. DD