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I have just been reading in the media about the Australian flu virus hitting the UK it makes for some scary reading. :( I was wondering how you all cope with things like this with having a low immune system. Do you think this is something to really worry about. ?


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    The media thrives on scare stories. Being immuno-suppressed simply means taking a few more basic precautions. I get my annual flu jab in October, use anti-bac gel frequently, and make my reluctant husband use it too, and make sure family and friends are aware that, much as they are loved, I don't want them near me if they're sneezing or feel they're harbouring something. And then I foeget about colds, flu and other bugs because life's too short.

    We can't avoid them completely. Last week I'd to go ro a funeral and the woman next ro me was sneezing into one soggy tissue throughout. As soon as I got to the car I used the anti-bac gel. So far so good and I think a week is long enough to assume success.

    Get a flu jab if you haven't had one but always try to ensure you're germ-free when having it. Before he qualified for a free one by age, Mr SW was always offered one for my protection but I think this depends on your GP practice.
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    Thank you for that stickywicket I do get a flu jab every year and use the sanitizer so it looks like i'm on the right track with that. :) My husband told me off and told me to stop worrying about something that might not happen. I suppose he's right but i'm not telling him that. :)
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    Certainly not :D 9 Only do that when you can get some mileage out of it :wink:

    There are no guarantees even with the flu jab. It will only protect against the most likely strains. Others can creep in under the radar and, of course, the jab gives no protection against colds or other viruses. My take on it is to do what I can and forget about what I can't.
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    I have stopped kissing the kids and my mother who's in a home and has lots of sniffles. Flu jab is a bonus, haven't had the flu for many a year, a cold every few weeks, they vary in intensity.

    Anyrate this is springtime, isn't it??? t69044 we'll be back on the water soon!

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    I am with Sticky on this one for sure, lots of hand gels, (then lots of hand cream to help restore ones skin back to normal).

    Banning people who are feeling under the weather, coughing, sneezing, or are otherwise sickly. We cannot avoid all the germs under the sun, but we can try to minimize.

    I did note a write up about the Australian strain of influenza, but I have not read about it in detail.
    The media want us all in a permanent tizzy, they think it keeps us in our place. Wrong.

    True influenza is horrid and often leads to hosopitalisation, to hydrate and treat other symptoms, that cannot be managed at home. xx Aidan
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    Australian flu? As a certain schoolgirl would say 'Am I bovvered?' It is more difficult for us who are immuno-suppressed because we do not produce symptoms as quickly as those who are not but there is no need for panic. Keep away from those with coughs and colds (temporarily hurt feelings are not that important in the greater scheme of things), increase the basic hand hygiene (and so should those who live with you) and be careful what you touch when out and about. DD

    PS A good guide for effective hand washing is to 'sing' Happy Birthday twice whilst doing it, ensuring you pay equal attention to the backs of the hands, between the fingers and the wrist area.
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    I use a combination of things. Apart from the flu jab, I take a high dose Vit C daily, anti bac spray or gel and my secret weapon - Vicks First Defence. I use this whenever I am in crowds or places like Drs or hospitals and planes or other public transport. I try not to use it too much but I don’t take any chances. My hubby uses it too as he has heart failure so also would suffer more if he gets infections.
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    Im down with flu at the moment and hoping its not that Australia version! But the media does like getting people wound up.
    Sunday i was just sniffling, then on Monday morning found i could hardly move. Have been shuffling round the house. Keeping hands washed, keeping hydrated, warm, and basically resting.
    For two days i was just in bed and have never slept for so long.
    Im taking co-codomol for pain for my joints as i have an arthritic hip. Also have taken the occassional lemsip, but am wary as i take epilepsy medication, so i have to think carefully about dosages and times. I have never experienved so much pain in my hip.
    Everytime i was due to go for the flu jab i kept coming down with a cold, so i didnt want to go near the surgery.
    So far the best things are rest and hot drinks.
    Although i am dreaming of getting back to swimming!
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    I'm sorry things are so rough. At this time of year there are always so many nasty things going about as Christmas is when folks from all over the UK get together to exchange germs and viruses :wink:

    I had the flu jab at my fourth attempt - two thwarted by a chest infection and the third by an unintended operation :roll: Even so, I got something which flattened me last week - was it a flu strain not covered by the jab or a virus? I neither know nor care since I'm on the up again now :D

    I hope the hip gives you some respite soon. Meanwhile, just a word of caution - never combine Lemsip with anything else containing paracetamol such as cocodamol. That applies to all of us not just those with epilepsy. It's very dangerous. Use the cocos with just a drink of lemon juice and honey. Leave the extra paracetamol right out of it.

    Here's hoping we're both aback to what we laughingly call 'normal' :wink: soon.