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Just joining the forum.


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    Hi Jayne53,

    Welcome to the forum, if you have any form of arthritis including associated syndromes or look after someone with any of the above you have certainly found the right place.

    Arthritis Care is a first port of call for anyone wanting information - our website
    Has lots of advice on types of arthritis, what diagnosis might be and help to live as full a life as you want alongside your diagnosis.

    We are also joined with Arthritis Research who have lots of information on types of treatments for arthritis and they fund research too.

    It's up to you to share a little more information about yourself so any advice, support and information is relevant to you. You've made a great first step, I'm looking forward to chatting again soon

    Take care
    Yvonne x
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    Hello Jayne53
    And a warm welcome form me..we are a friendly lot and like the mod says there is so much info and support on the forum , so just jump in anywhere you want..we have LWA that is were you can ask questions or post about yourself..and chitchat to talk about anything but ..hope to see you around.. :) x