Need some advice rash & itching on Left TKR leg!!

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Hi Everyone need some advice from TKR members!! Started getting bumpy rash and hot feeling around scar area and knee and the itching has spread down the leg. It's driving me nuts and waking me up in the middle of the night with itching! Is it normal? And what can I do? I've been using Vaseline around knee and cold compresses and even folded leg of trouser up so it doesn't annoy skin. Should I call my G.P or Consultant? I'm seeing my Consultant on Monday and will be telling him about it and showing him! Desperate for any help and advice please!! :(


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    The quickest way to check whether the itching/rash is anything to worry about would be to go to your nearest pharmacist and get their advice. The last thing you need is an infection - safety first?

    They may advise you to see your GP and if they do it usually means you can get an appointment with the GP quicker than normal.

    Do let us know how you get on.

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    I've never had this with any of my joint replacements but, if I did, I'd be seeking medical advice asap. It might be nothing - and I hope it is - but if it's an infection it needs attention before Monday. Either your pharmacist or GP if your surgical ward has not given you a number to ring. Good luck and please let us know how you get on.
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    I was told to try anti-histamine tablets as it looked more like an allergic reaction rash. So trying anti-histamine tablets and thinking back I've been wearing my new earrings that my OH brought me for Christmas since Christmas day and the itching started New Years Eve or a day before then the rash followed end of last week so it could be them so taken them out and going to see if that makes a difference over weekend and if still no change by Monday will discus it with Consultant on Monday and he will see leg so will notice the rash!! Hope it's the earrings although they are lovely and they where a Christmas Present from OH :(
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    The more I thought about this (and I did think about it a lot as an infection in a new TKR is very undesirable) I thought the itchy bumps sounded more allergy than infection. They were once worried about a potential infection at a cannula site on my arm and it was just a pinpoint, non-itchy redness that was spreading a bit. Nothing like what you described.

    It seems odd that you'd get an allergic reaction to earrings on your leg but I guess that's a weak spot right now and, if you've handled the earrings then touched your leg, that might explain it.

    Anyway, I'm pleased it doesn't sound to be an infection but I'd steer clear of the earrings at least until you've seen your consultant and I do hope they prove to be the culprits as, however pretty they are, it's best to be able to identify the problem and steer clear of it.

    Thanks for the update, bubbadog and please let's know how you get on.
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    Hi, when I had my first TKR (this was 2009) the area round the scar went really red, it was hot, inflamed and itching. My late partner literally threw me into the car and got me into the pharmacy attached to the surgery we used at the time. The pharmacist told me to go straight to the reception desk in the surgery and went with me, spoke to the receptionist and I was seen by a GP straight away. I seem to recall I was given a short course of antibiotics as a precaution. It settled about 48 hours or so later if my memory serves me well.

    But, it sounds like you may have a logical answer to your situation. I hope it does turn out to be an allergy. I'd try gently washing the area with previously boiled (and cooled/covered water) using fresh cotton wool so that if there is anything on the skin that may wash it off.

    I hope you get an answer for this when you see the consultant on Monday.

    Take care,
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    Has it settled down? DD