Pocket Duties and fingers crossed please!

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Hi all, it's my post left TKR appointment on Monday morning so I'm requesting some pocket duties please and also some fingers crossed as hoping all will be okay and he can sign me off on the left leg although he will be doing an X-ray on my right knee that same day to see if that one is as bad as the left knee was and if so a MRI scan will be booked. He has already said he has a feeling it will be and if so I will need a Knee Replacement for that one too!! :(


  • stickywicket
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    I'm in.

    You seem to ave done well with your first one so no need to fear a second.

    But do remember to ask about the rash.
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    Everything crossed and in your pocket ready!

    Love Denise x
  • GraceB
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    I hope it goes well Bubba. Count me in - although I can't promise to behave (I'm more likely to misbehave if I'm being honest!).

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    Count me in too. Hope it goes well.