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I live in the south east and have had arthritis for some years but now it is spreading to new joints which makes working life extra hard. I manage retirement housing schemes and I swear I am worse off than the people I support.
The main reason for me joining is to ask for some advice if anyone can help. I have been in my job for about 15 years and every 3 years we have to renew our 1st aid certificates and I am booked on a course in February. 3 years ago I found it very difficult and painful to kneel on the floor to do CPR. In order to get the certificate you MUST kneel on the floor. I guess I wont pass it this year. I have asked my manager and she has just said that I should speak to the trainer. If I don't pass am I likely to get the sack? I 'only' have 3 more years till I can retire.
Any advice or signposting would be very gratefully received.


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    Hello Ellecee

    Welcome to our forum. You will find lots of support and advice from our members. We also have a helpline ypu can call for advice 0808 800 4050.

    Here is a link to our section on work amd arthritis:

    Good luck

    Sharon T
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    Hi there Ellecee and welcome. I can't help with your query but as it tends to be a bit quiet at the weekend thought I'd just jump in so you don't think you're being ignored!
    It would be an idea to post this question on one of the other boards, such as the Benefits and Working matters or Living with arthritis as more people visit those ones and would be able to help.

    As ever our lovely mods are on the ball, hence the duplication of advice!
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    Thanks guys, as you say it is nice to know I didn't send it into the ether.
    I will do as suggested and try on the other boards.
    Thanks again
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    Hi Ellecee.

    I've no personal experience of this sort of thing but I see, from the link that Sharon gave, that your workplace is obliged to, among other things, 'reallocating duties that you find difficult to perform because of your arthritis ' Would this not apply to your being in charge of First Aid? Could someone else go on the course? Failing that, it might be worth asking whoever runs the course if you would be able to pass the CPR element if you were able to talk someone else through doing it rather than doing it yourself.
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    Thanks for that advice, I will ask the trainers about it. I am a lone worker so there is no-one that could do it for me unfortunately but your suggestion may well work. I'll let you know what happens. Thanks again