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Sorry for the long post but I'm looking for some advice. My right leg was amputated when I was 16 and I've since developed OA and RA treated with a varying degree of success with painkillers, DMARDS and Biologics. I'm 58 and although I work full time, I'm finding it very difficult. My role used to be to travel (up to 120 mile round trips) to different centres and teach maths but I was absolutely exhausted with no quality of life. Then 2 months ago I was based in one centre which was marvellous as I was nowhere near as tired. I had a meeting with my managers 5 days ago and it was agreed that I would be based in one place with occasional travel. Today I was told I would have to travel again. I enjoy my job but I can no longer cope with travel to different places and work, I'd prefer to be based in one place. What rights do I have, advice can you give please? Many thanks.


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    Oh dear! I do wish I could help. This must be so diffiicult and so disappointing when you have only recently been told there would be no travelling.

    All I do know is what is here about reasonable adjustment

    I think Citizen's Advice might be a good source of information about how all this would relate to your particular situation. I hope they can help but, as i understand it, maths teachers are a rare and valuable commodity so I hope your bosses will remember that.

    Please let us know how you get on.
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