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One of the things worrying me is I have advised I need to start biological. ..
Rituximab by drip or baricitinib by tablet.....I would like to hear if peogle had a preference or what their experiences with each were.hoping this will hep me make a decision.


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    I've had Rituximab, but never herd of baricitinib. But I'm not having Rituximab for my RA, but Vasculitis. I am taking so many tablets for this and that (including Prednisolone, MTX and Leflunamide, I don't fancy taking any more. :shock:

    Whichever you decide, I hope it works for you.

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    Hard to say, Kub. I've never had either. Rituximab has been / is used by quite a few on here. Baricitinib seems to be a new treatment. It's approved by NICE so has undergone all the necessary trials but there's not much info on it. From what I can gather it seems to have few side effects, which is always appealing, but I guess long-term effects would not yet be known.

    Choice is often not easy in such things. Good luck.
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    hi , welcome to the forum

    I not tried baricitinib but on another tablet biologic Xeljanz , I need several joints replaced & because the risk of infection they stopped my Rituxamab which I was doing very well on but with xeljanz I dont seem to do very well

    Tablets are a lot easier to take & dont last for months in your system like Rituxamab & down side to rituxamab is how long the infuions take but its the best biologic I tried & would recommend it but always take the advice from your consultant/nurse