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For the past week I’ve been having quite a bad flare.
I went into London at the weekend and by the end of the evening I could hardly move my legs, as the pain in my hips was excruciating. The next day I didn’t feel too bad but since Sunday evening the pain has been getting worse each day. I hope when I go to bed I might wake up feeling a little better but unfortunately not.
I’ve been in work all week but sitting down all day doesn’t help and when I try to walk around it hurts. I’m finding now that it’s hurting to walk in my lower back. My neck is starting to stiffen up as well. I really hope it’s just a coincidence as I don’t want to start having problems there as well. Laying down isn’t comfortable either. I’ve just got in my pyjamas and managed to wedge my hot water bottle in my dressing gown! Time to watch a film and hope it goes off soon.


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    Sorry to hear about your hip pain Kirsty, I hope the hot water bottle helps. It's possible that the pain in your back and neck is muscular rather than joint, and the result of the pain in your hips affecting how you use your body.
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    I'm with daffy. The others might well be muscular.

    Can you wiggle about on your chair at work? Anything to keep things moving might help. And experiment with different sleeping positions. I normally sling my top leg right over the other one but, if my back's a problem, I've learned to keep it tucked behind it.
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    That sounds like an unlovely mixture of payback and muscular aches. My pain levels have altered (and although not in a good way I know it is) since I started working with my PT as all the dormant muscles are being awoken. I need a new hottie, I rather fancy one of those long, door draught excluder types that you sling round your body like a messenger bag. I hope things have improved. DD
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    Hope things have settled down a bit. As for sleeping positions I favour the side with a large cushion to rest my upper arm on so as to take the weight off my shoulders.

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