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Hello. I've had OA who-knows how many years. I'm 68-y-o female. My MD offers a shot or OTC drugs. I accepted neither though cortisone is tempting. Last week I played Pickleball (a court game that lots of older folks are playing, you can find it on YouTube), and my hips were killing me the next day, and am still in pain bending forward so that I cannot go to my Ashtanga Yoga class this week. (If I had not fallen in love with this style yoga 2 years ago I would be going to Yin.)

I am assuming riding motorcycles daily for about 5 years and flying over a car twice in my 30's, plus running 56 distance races in a year and a half at 40 when my sacrum turned to cement, and now in love with playing Pickleball (but I may be over the hill with OA for that, I don't know).

And it is the I don't know that I am writing. I have some uninformed assumptions about OA (and borderline O-porosis which (MD says) is reason I broke both arms a few years ago).

It seems to me that arthritis moves around. Even if I did get a shot in the sacrum, or knee, the next week could be the thumbs not able to hold a wide glass, or the neck can't turn. I also am thinking those cortisone shots are not healthy in the long run. I took Glucosamine for about 4 years. It did nothing, except waste a lot of money and I had detox effects when stopping. No difference. I recently finished a bottle of Turmeric pills--another trendy scam IMO. Placebos. I take Fish Oil. Am not sure if it helps, but been doing it a long time. I've been vegan 7 years (except for the Fish Oil). My blood tests are fine.

My guess is that I am doing all I can and just have to be where I am, chill when I have to and be grateful I have done things in the past that I can no longer do. I am getting my first dog next week (first pet!) and hope that takes the edge off of pains known and unknown. Oh, and I did agree with my yoga teacher to try an ayurvedic diet. I roll my eyes at that stuff, but, can't hurt. My physical therapist for the neck told me yoga was the best thing I could be doing. Bottom line, I think this disease does not have a plan, it just wanders randomly, likely to get worse, but why look now.

Thanks for being here y'all.



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    Hello and a very warm welcome to the forums.

    You have certainly led a very exciting and busy life.

    I have never heard of 'Pickleball' but will certainly look it up.

    Yoga in fact most gentle exercises are good for us all so if you can keep it up then do. But if the pains are too bad then you must look else where for exercise.

    Perhaps riding a motor bike isn't the right thing to do now but how sad to give that up. I too was a motor biker, travelling through Europe every year until I had a coming together with the road in France

    I am assuming that you have not been fully diagnosed as yet, perhaps that is something worth doing as there are a lot medications out there that will slow the onset down.

    Getting a dog is a fantastic idea, it gives you something else to focus on and the gentle exercise you may need. (As long as it isn't a huge dog!!)

    Kate there is always someone on the forum who will be able to give you any more thoughts and ideas. Please keep posting, I will certainly be looking out for them.

    kind wishes

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    Hello Kate

    Welcome to the forums from me too :)

    Gosh you have had a busy life!! Maybe some of your OA is relevant to your accident marathons etc, but you have some amazing memories to look back on and share with people.

    I am not convinced anyone really knows the answer to why some people get OA (or OP either - not 100%), but firmly believe we do need to exercise.

    The form of exercise we do may modify or change overtime as they get too painful, but it is absolutely worth doing in my opinion.

    Am I right in thinking you are not based in the UK? Apologies if I got that wrong :? .

    A dog is an excellent idea. It will keep you motivated to walk and should distract you from any pain you are experiencing.

    Anyway it's lovely to meet you please do have a look around the forums and join in wherever you like everyone is very friendly here :)

    Toni xx
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    Hi Kate,

    It's lovely to 'meet' you and I love your attitude. I'm guessing you're from USA as I have a grandson in California (an 8yr old American League baseball fanatic) and I go there every year.

    Who knows how much your lifestyle has contributed to the OA and how much it has actually helped to defray the worse aspects of it? Exercise is vital for all of us as it keeps muscles strong, and strong muscles support weak joints which is very useful. Some types of exercise and exercises are much better than others, though. I guess your joints are now telling you which might not be a good idea.

    It's true that OA moves about but it's also true that, in trying to ease up on a painful joint, we can create problems elsewhere. Not all of these are arthritis. Some might be just muscular.

    Arthritis Research UK have done some work on complementary therapies. I think, of all the supplements, capsaicin comes out best. You can read up on them here https://tinyurl.com/y7kwzdo5 . You're quite right that steroids aren't a great idea if they can be avoided. In any case, the shots only last for a limited time (6-10 weeks?) and don't work for everyone. As well as the shots into the joints there are also more 'general' ones. I'm not sure that these are given for OA though. I've had the odd one but I did the double and got both RA and OA. (Just greedy!)

    The dog's probably a good idea but I'd suggest you look to the future and don't get one that could end up stronger than you. Also get it trained well. I worried when a friend, who is confined to a wheelchair / scooter with severe RA, got a cocker spaniel, not the most sedentary of dogs. But, she got a professional trainer and got her disability scooter organised to take all she needed for the poop scoop stuff and that dog is as good as gold. She takes him for a long walk every morning and her husband takes him for one after work. Both she and he are amazing.

    You're right – this disease wanders about randomly at will. My take on it is that the more inflexible our joints, the more flexible our attitude has to be. Yours sounds great but we are always here to help, sympathise and empathise. Good luck.
    If at first you don't succeed, then skydiving definitely isn't for you.
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    Thanks for the replies. Not from UK, I live in Philadelphia, PA, US (a weird country these days). My dog is coming from Mysore, India. He's a puppy from a dog rescued by some yogi people who put the family up on a Facebook GoFundMe. Pure chance that I saw it, responded and was approved for one of the pups. (It's legit, people I know know the people there.) I will be going to dog school in a couple weeks.

    I have not had a real diagnosis and have never spoken to someone who specializes in Arthritis. That is a good idea, thank you. My doctor, I like her, but she seems kind of conservative with a strong pharmacy influence in her education. She put me on Fosamax once, and after a month I stopped; it felt like I was poisoning myself. Time and yoga put me back into the Penia category.

    I was also wondering if there is any real study about the effect of alcohol and caffeine. I take one Excedrin when I get up, it's like a jump start. And I drink moderately, rarely more than 2 beers. I see reports that say yes, some say no effect. I trust real people like you guys, we are here for our health, not wealth.

    Have a good day. Stay aligned.

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    "I'm guessing you're from USA as I have a grandson in California (an 8yr old American League baseball fanatic) and I go there every year."

    Thanks for the web info. I will buy some Capsaicin today.

    I grew up in Williamsport, PA where the Little League started and they have the World Series there. In the 50's GIRLS COULDN'T PLAY and I was good. Took my attitude to the extreme back then, never to return after high school. Check out Pickleball. Lots of injured and damaged people of all ages play it.
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    I did check it out. It looks fun but I think I'm a bit too far gone for it :lol:

    As for alcohol and caffeine, I think you're in luck in that you have the right kind of arthritis :D There seems to be evidence that both can be contributory factors for RA and those of us on Disease Modifying Anti-Rheumatic Drugs for our RA and suchlike have to go easy on alcohol but OAers seem to get away with it :wink: Enjoy cautiously seems to be the way to go.
    If at first you don't succeed, then skydiving definitely isn't for you.
    Steven Wright
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    Hello Kate and a warm welcome to the forum.
    After 2 Hips replacement and quite a few joints effected I asked my consultant why has OH spread so quick ..his response we do not know..I am 67 ..and always say to young people do the things you want while you can..so glad you can look back on all the things you have done.. :)