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Hello peeps - it seems that I am a new RA sufferer having had a vicious virus in November which triggered it off! I've had OA for ages, and have 2 bionic hips - which are also aching like crazy. Waiting now for official diagnosis and medication, but in the meantime as I am only taking NSAIDs as yet, can anyone tell me if a flare includes brain fog or even freeze?? I am not usually so tired and just totally unable to do anything for long - even read a book which for me is unheard of! I've been reading some of your posts and I think I am going to find a lot of help here, so thanks in advance. t115006
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    Hi Truffle,

    Welcome to the forum, it's lovely to meet you. RA can certainly be triggered by a virus, so you are probably right there. It looks like some general information about RA/type autoimmune diseases - this is a booklet produced by Arthritis Care which I found really helpful.

    It goes into symptoms, brain fog is indeed one of them, as is fatigue. I remember I used to just sit with a book open (no way could I absorb anything) so my family didn't feel the need to keep asking if I was ok! Now they are too canny to be taken in by that, but also now too clued in to keep trying to make it better!

    Keep posting ask any questions you need to, visit the full forum to share hobbies, have a laugh and make new friends

    Take care
    Yvonne x
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    Hello truffle.

    Fatigue is certainly a symptom of RA. I don't think I get brain fog as such but whenever things are really rough - either because of pain or just generally - I find myself totally unable to take the simplest of decisions.

    I'm sorry it looks like you've joined the 'doubles' club. Most of us go the other way round and our OA is the result of too many years of RA but, hey, we don't mind :wink:

    Glad to help in any way we can.
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    Brian fog? :wink: For sure. I have psoriatic arthritis which has led to OA and fibromyalgia. Usually things are under control thanks to meds and me but if I get an infection on top of everything else then my concentration evaporates (it's not that good to start with), tiredness escalates, my general aches and pains appear intensified - none of it is fun and the same happens when my PsA flares (which can still happen despite the meds).

    If you have begun 'RA' after a viral infection there is a possibility that you may have reactive arthritis (which I abbreviate to RcT) but I am not a rheumatologist. The meds, however, are the same and necessary to bring the immune system under control to reduce disease activity. RcT differs to the other multiple forms of auto-immune arthritis in that it can go away but one is always at risk. It's not unknown to move on from OA to an auto-immune kind but it is unusual.

    Please let us know when you get your diagnosis and how you get on, and I wish you well. DD
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    Thank you DD, that is very interesting - will have to check with the consultant when I next see him. Aching, tired and confused - just have to learn to cope with it I guess, but maybe you are right, maybe it will go away. Wait and see!
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