I blame the family!

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Hello all! Just registered here, because at 47 I've been diagnosed with mild osteoarthritis.

My grandmother had both hips replaced at 59, and my mother had one replaced at 67, for the exact same reason, so I always figured that if I didn't drop dead of something else first I would eventually need new hips. This is still a long way from being that bad, and not every case deteriorates ... but I thought I'd drop by and see if I can pick up useful information from what everyone else is doing.

Nice to meet you!


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    Hi Paul welcome to the forum,wether you have well advanced arthritis or the beginnings of arthritis is not the issue if you need to talk to someone it is important to you, sorry to hear about your gran,we have o phone number if you wish to talk to someone it is 08088004050.or you can log on to our forums Living with Arthritis and Chit Chat
    All the best Christine
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    And you might well blame the family :D It used to be thought there was no genetic input with OA but they're now thinking there might be for some people.

    I suggest you start by reading up on the 'Living With Arthritis' tab above. A healthy diet and plenty of exercise will go a long way in helping.

    If you have any questions try putting them on the Living With Arthritis forum as more people look on there.

    Oh and welcome and good luck!
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    My parents had no idea about the genetic bullets they fired to spring me into life, in those days nobody knew why some families shared similar health troubles. :) I was gifted health nonsense from both sides so I didn't stand a chance :lol: I must have had mild osteoarthritis at some point but couldn't feel it because it was hiding behind (and caused by) my auto-immune arthritis. Now I can, 24/7/52. Hurrah.

    Osteo is the most common form of arthritis, around ten million people in the UK have arthritis with the majority having OA. People are also being diagnosed at younger ages. It's time to start cossetting your joints so cut back on high-impact exercise and switch to cycling and swimming because they have much less impact. I hope things stay at their current level for a long time, it isn't going to go away and it won't 'improve' as such but it can be managed and being thoughtful towards your joints could slow its progress - I hope so! What has your GP suggested re. treatment or are things not yet at that level? DD
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