First shoulder replacement

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Hi. Not posted for a few weeks. Been preparing for my shoulder replacement which is going ahead on Mar.14th. I have every confidence in my surgeon who speaks excellent English (I live in France) and has explained it all clearly. He has to do a reverse procedure and also as the joint is so badly damaged I have to have a bone graft. Anyone else out there had this done? I know I have a couple of months recovery and have to be very patient. As well as dealing with this I've had an ongoing pain in my groin where I had my first hip replacement. That was my 1st one which was 15yrs ago and worries me if it my be a sign of wear. Again anyone out there had these signs? Hopefully I will have a physio after my shoulder op who can help me with this too. I do struggle with the language but then it is my choice to be living here so have to manage. I will now go through all the other forums to see if I can help anyone with their questions as I know how much it's helping me.