Women's suffrage

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I don't agree with all the things that were done in order to achieve it but, on the centenary, I feel I ought to express my gratitude to those brave women who didn't just get me my vote but who helped to elbow out the old prejudices.

I see that, at the time, Lord Cromer insisted it would be 'A DANGER TO THE BRITISH EMPIRE' and that it 'FLIES IN THE FACE OF NATURE'. (His capitals, not mine.) Such people did change their tune though when they needed us for war work around 20 years later.

So thank you to all the brave trailblazers. I have never yet not voted and I promise that will continue.
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    Yes, to take on a way of life and want to change it was a brave thing to do. I do think that the crimes they committed and the punishments they recieved should stand and do so as a monument of what they went through to gain the vote not wiped away in a (recently) benevolent governments weekly wash.

    The crimes were committed and a later view of the reasons behind them cannot alter history.