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Hi...I have just had to make one of the hardest choices ...I have given up my job due to the pain it caused due to heavy pans long hours alot of driving and the list goes on ...I mainly suffer with my hands and arms and being a chef this was getting unbearable ...I also have carpal tunnel just to make it worse!! Because of the difficulties I have come across I also am now suffer from depression as I don't know how I am going to live and if I will be entitled to benefits to help me.I live alone so therefore my wage was the only income ...I can't pay my rent or bills and am getting very anxious about it ....with the depression I am finding it hard to actually do anything.please can anyone help me with what I am entitled too? And if I able to get any assistance in helping to claim as I have no idea how to do this and don't know if I will do it right depression is causing me to not be able mentally do things for my self which is similar me even lower ...I really feel I need some help arthritis has been the start to a totally different life for me ...but the pain also causes me many sleepless nights and meds can make me sick and dizzy ...I really need some help ...many thanks marie


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    Hi Chefinpain

    Welcome the Forum. Sorry to hear of your issues, may I suggest you give our Helplines a call 0808 8004050. Please do not hesitate if we can be of any assistance.

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    Hello there, I'm sorry you are at such a low point, and that you are having to cope alone. The Helpline people are very good at listening so I hope you can get through to them.
    Presumably you'll need to contact the Job Centre and that should give you some idea of what you might be able to claim, but it would also be worth contacting Citizens Advice. Help with rent(housing benefit) is dealt with through the local council.
    Speak to your doctor about the depression; whether you have medication or something like a talking therapy it will take time to sort out and start taking effect. Trying to deal with your current situation is hard enough without having to struggle through the deadweight of depression as well.
    Keep posting on the Living with Arthritis board for support and encouragement - getting things off your chest is very helpful.
    Hang on in there, others with experience of 'the system' will be able to give you more detailed advice in due course.
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    Hello, I am sorry to read of your plight and can only endorse what Daffy has said. I claim DLA and have done since 2007, that is my only experience of benefits. I plunged into depression when my osteo arthritis was diagnosed 2011, I already had an auto-immune kind and naively thought that was me and arthritis done. I have taken a small daily dose of citalopram ever since and being mentally stronger helps me cope better. I was also able to carry on working as a tutor for a long time because my hands were not too badly affected but, after a double carpal tunnel op (caused by the one or other arthritis, I don't care which) I realised that things were better for me with not working: I also had the great advantage of a husband who paid the mortgage and other bills. Cushty, yup?

    There is help out there but finding the the required mental energy to put the wheels in motion is far from easy. I wish you well. DD
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