Wong Diagnoses?

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i have currently got finger joint pain, which i have had since last june 17. i got tested for the pain (Bloods) in August as the pain was not going and confirmed that i had a blood count with rheumatoid showing so they sent me for Xray and showed nothing. i had to go for another blood test which i think was CCP which was negative. i told the Doctor i wanted to see a Rhumy doctor so put me on the waiting list which is 12 months. All this was done with the local GP.

i decided to go private to see if i can get more information, so i gave him my blood test and he said the Rheumatiod factor was high but he said the result of the CCP test was a better diagnosis for RA, which was negative. he asked about my past medical issues and mentioned that i had servere Dysentry for a couple of months and 2 months after this the pain in joints came. he then said that i have Reactive Arthritis. He looked at my fingers and said Rheumatiod usually have swelling and redness, and fatigue which i did not have. i just have pain in joints in both hands, i am not in the pain that most people are in on the forum. it feels like i have sprained my fingers and only in certain positions that my fingers hurt (hard to descibe). night time it seems to play up a bit and when i wake up in morning or middle of the night my fingers are stiff. when i researched on Reactive Arthritis it says that i can get is from an infection causing dysentry, however when i had blood test at the time i had dysentry it showed that i never had an infection. so this is why i am confused.
Is it worth paying to go back to see the doctor privatly or wait till NHS appointment comes through?

p.s The Rheumy gave me a steriod shot which removed the pain for 2 weeks but came back.

sorry for the letter being so long and detailed but i hope this will help others.