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Am I the only person to say no to these...


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    Hi. No, you're not. Quite a few people resist DMARDS at first as they fear the potential side effects. But the actual effects of the disease, untreated, need to be considered. Our best way to avoid joint damage and osteoarthritis on top of the autoimmune type is to start DMARDS asap.
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    Sadly, we are not personally acquainted with every arthritic in the UK so cannot answer your question. If you want to know why they're worth taking then google 'pictures of rheumatoid arthritis joint deformity': the upsetting images are very much a thing of the past thanks to the medications. DD
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    Hello West082 and welcome to the Arthritis forums.

    If you would tell us a little more about your circumstances and how arthritis affects you, we might be able to respond in a more helpful way.

    There is a good page on the subject of DMARDS on the Arthritis Care web site :

    Best wishes
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    Hello, I have just started on methotrexate but with very mixed feelings and having avoided DMARDs for years (ever since my diagnosis in 1999). I posted a bit more about this in my thread 'Newbie (but not to RA)' in the Living with Arthritis part of the forum if you're interested. I believe everyone has to find their own way of dealing with this condition, and make the choices that are best for them at that particular time, on the basis of the best information they can find.
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    Brynmor is right, of course. As is your question. But to answer your question we should know a little bit more why you asked it, I guess.
    But no- you are not the only one saying no to "these". Probably for different reasons. I say "no" to a lot of things. But again: probably for other reasons. You are more than welcome to tell more! See you?

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