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It's Karen again. I'm wondering if anybody can help with this. I have OA in my hip so struggle to put socks, tights and shoes on. I currently use a Soxon for my socks but it doesn't work so well with tights because it's not quite long enough. Does anybody use a different type of aid for tights? I'm getting a little tired of wearing trousers and jeans and love a dress and tights.

Thank you so much
Karen x


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    Hi Karen,

    I haven't done dresses / skirts / tights for years but there are special devices for putting tights on as opposed to putting socks on ie two 'bits' so that both legs go in together. Any decent disability store (on or offline) should stock them. Hope they help.

    If you want more replies you're better posting on the Living With Arthritis forum.
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