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Hi everyone, glad I've found this forum. I'm looking for info regarding OA. I'm 49 waiting on THR of my left hip. It all started 4 years ago noticing pain in thighs/hips. Was very active and thought I was just over doing it. X-rays at that time didn't show much. Pain continued to get worse, had MRI of my spine which showed moderate stenosis. After a year of thinking that was it, physio treatments, chiropractic, massage, decompression table all wasn't helping. Year 2 had more X-rays which a specialist noticed slight hip dysphasia and told me that was the cause. Said I was too young to have hip surgery...years past and pain was still bad. Couldn't walk or stand with legs together. Hubby said I walk like I've **** my pants. Anyways it's now 4years later and lastest X-ray shows severe OA in my left hip and moderate in right hip. Finally the surgeon says yes to THR...if only they would have known my pain was bad from the start I wouldn't have had it get this severe..
This OA stuff is new to me and I don't know anyone who is suffering so all the help with questions would be greatly appreciated. Sorry if I've babbled on to long

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    Hi Shelley welcome to the forum,sorry to hear your sad story of pain it's repeated every where I too was in severe pain on knees and hip before anything was done, now 2 knee replacements and 1 hip later I am all set to get on with life and deal with all that it throws at me.
    You will find the forum society very welcoming and friendly the most popular forums are Living with Arthritis and Chit Chat so just choose a forum and chat away.
    All the best Christine
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    You haven't 'babbled on' at all, Shelley. It does help if we have a reasonably clear picture of where someone's coming from.

    To be honest, I don't think it would have made any difference at all if the docs had known how much pain you've been in. They don't like to replace joints too early because the likelihood is that they will require a second replacement further down the line and that's a bigger operation. So, if they've offered one to you in your 40's then go for it :D

    Fire away if you've any questions, preferably on the Living With Arthritis forum as more people look in on there.

    By the way....husbands....they say the sweetest things, don't they :lol:
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    Hello, I have OA as a result of the joint damage caused by my other arthritis, some joints have one, some the other and others both. If OA is the sole trouble (and in the right places) a new joint or joints can make all the difference but surgery will be offered only when a certain level of damage has been reached: even then it's not a guarantee but if you are offered the chance take it. There are around ten million arthritics in the UK and the majority have OA.

    OA seems to spread for a very simple reason: when one joint is causing us distress we unconsciously alter how we move to reduce pain, thus throwing other joints out of kilter. It is a degenerative disease, normally associated with the ageing process but more and more younger people are being diagnosed, perhaps because taking care of one's joints when younger and active is a thought that rarely crosses the mind: the ongoing hip and knee troubles of various first class sportsmen demonstrate that. DD
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    Thank you all for the welcoming words of advice :D