Loss of former AC member Constable.

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Sorry to have to let AC members know that Constable (Karen Pearson) lost her life on 6th January.

Although she had not posted for many years she was at one time a frequent member of the AC cafe and Chit Chat.

Karen was a much loved wife, and mother to two girls, and my heart goes out to them

I apologise for the delay in posting but her Husband has understandably only just found the strength to let us all know.

Elizabeth xxx
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    Dear Elizabeth
    thank you very much for sharing this very sad news. There are moderators who will remember Constable (Karen Pearson) and we are all always very saddened to lose one of our own.Please pass on our love and condolences to her husband and daughters
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    I remember her, what sad news. Thank you for letting us know, Tkachev. DD
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    I remember her too. I don't think she was very old which makes it all the sadder. Thanks for letting us know, Elizabeth.
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    I remember Constable.
    This is sad news.
    Thank you Elizabeth for posting.
    Sending love to her family.
    Love, Legs x
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    Thanks for posting to let us know Elizabeth.

    I remember Constable, she always had ideas to help others when they were in need, a lovely person.

    Heartfelt condolences to her family

    Yvonne x