Need advice: buying adjustable bed and mattress

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I have chronic arthritis (spine and hips)and I need advice on buying good mattress and a reasonably priced adjustable bed.
Any advice would be appreciated.



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    Hi Daniel 8
    Welcome to the forum sorry your mattress is causing you trouble, others on the forums have also had problems. Just go on to the most popular forums are Living with Arthritis and Chit Chat.
    All the best Christine
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    I've never had an adjustable bed but I find a good mattress essential. My last two have been mostly double sprung with about 1"- 2" of memory foam at the top.

    I would say, if at all possible, try before you buy. I wonder if your local Occupational Therapist could advise.
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    In my experience of adjustable beds the mattresses are thin and uncomfortable, I think they have to be thin to bend with the bed. I like playing with them for a couple of nights but they are not a long-term option. I have a very heavy and thick all-natural mattress from John Lewis which I 'adjust' with Tempur pillows to support whichever bits are playing up the most, that works for me. DD
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    Hi Dankel

    I LOVE our Capricorn adjustable bed and mattress. :) The mattress is 7 " deep

    We bought it from Dreams several years ago.

    Unique Visco-Elastic-Memory Foam
    Contour to the shape of your body
    Electrically Adjustable head, back and foot
    Adjustable slats for softer or firmer feel
    No need to turn mattress
    Optional massage unit available
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    I love my adjustable bed. It gets my legs up to the desired height as well as my knees up which helps my back. I went to my local bed store and they had one in.i don't think you need to spend all that money on so called specialists. Have a good look around.
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    I wish to thank everyone who contributed. It is good to have somewhere to turn for help.
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    Personally I wouldn't go near a memory foam mattress, you end up very hot, each to their own! A ordinary firm mattress works for us.

    I seem to remember we had this topic come up a while back so some searching will bring you more results.