Having knee replaement surgery soon....

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About to have keen replacement surgery soon due to severe osteoarthritis...am a bit apprehensive about the outcome.


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    Hi wrighp7
    Welcome to the forum,you are feeling apprehensive as anyone who is going to undergo surgery would do, I have had 2 knee replacements both of them are tops after the initial 6 weeks after the op and I am going great guns now but I was still apprehensive on both occasions but was delighted with the outcome,the surgeon calmed me down and gave me assurance that all would go well,I have never looked back. The forum is full of lovely understanding and encouraging people ,s just log on and start chatting our most popular forums are Living with Arthritis and Chit Chat
    All the best Christine
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    Hello, we have had numerous success stories on here about knee replacements, so successful that the recipients very rarely post which doesn't help someone in your boat, does it? Do you have only OA and only in the knees? If so then you are already ahead with a great advantage, I have no doubt that although surgery is a daunting prospect, and the recovery can take some time and be hard work, the benefits that will be reaped will make it all worth while. I wish you very well and I hope you keep in touch to let us know how things go. Good luck! DD
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    Hello wrighp7 and welcome from me too.

    I've had both my knees replaced (and both hips) and they have all been brilliant.

    As I don't know what exactly is worrying you it's a bit hard to help. May I suggest you read this very comprehensive page on knee replacements from ARUK?


    When you've read it do get back to us with any questions you may have. If you post it on the Living With Arthritis forum more people will see - and, hopefully, answer :D
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    wrighp7 wrote:
    About to have keen replacement surgery soon due to severe osteoarthritis...am a bit apprehensive about the outcome.

    Hope your surgery went well. I was diagnosed with severe patellofemoral degeneration (OA) of the knee last year after suffering with knee problems for some years. Seems all the years of sport and keeping fit had taken a toll. I've just had a partial knee replacement op aka Unicompartmental replacement (10th March) and am at the start of the recovery process. 10 days on and already I feel that the knee is so much better. Despite the post op pain/stiffness, it's feeling so much better already. Everyone I spoke to pre op who'd had this done said it had vastly improved their lives. For me, being so apprehensive pre op, as you were, I can now say that I am glad I had it done. I hope your recovery is coming along well.