Tens machines

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Hi all
Does anyone have any advice on whether over the counter Tens machines have a benefit for tricompartmental knee OA?


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    I was fortunate to have access to these in hospital so didn't have to spend my money to find out they didn't benefit me at all. Others, however, find them effective for short-term pain relief. As with all these things you won't find if it works until you try, if you do I hope it does. DD
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    I found them always super amusing. It's fun and it tickles and all. We are talking about those things with rubber stuff and electricity, don't we? If yes- they are really fun! I love them!😊
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    I only know what I've read on here. It seems to be that a good quality one, as used by physios can help some but I'd get some decent advice before investing in one.
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