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Post from Buka re travel with biologics

I travel regularly with all my medication which includes Humira pens. I have actually flown long haul to Australia and Vietnam without problems. I use a small cool bag with icepacks and newspaper keeping it all as cold as possible. If I do an overnight in a hotel before flying everything goes into their fridge and freezer and I have been known to ask cafes to freeze up the icepacks again on stop overs. So it can all be done. What you need is paperwork from your rheumy to say it's prescribed and has to travel with you (not in the hold) and also any medication you take should have the prescription with your name on to prove it is for your use. It is also worth checking when flying to somewhere like Australia that they are happy with the medication you are bringing in. All the information is on the government website of the country you visit. Interestingly no one has ever looked or asked me about my pens when going through the security scanners. I tried declaring them a couple of times but didn't bother after that.

I have had deliveries from healthcare at home and mostly they are fine. You can take control if you want by phoning to organise your own delivery. You can also track your order on the day to know within a two hour time slot when it will be arriving. I have three monthly prescriptions (mainly because I travel a lot), usually it is two monthly. I have also once had it delivered to France - for a fee but cheaper than going home to collect it. That was a disaster (sorted eventually) but only because they got my address wrong. They will also deliver a travel sharps bin which is much smaller if you ask. I concur with DD about the blood tests though. Without up to date tests they wont renew prescriptions. I spend summers in France and have to go to a laboratory over there for my blood tests. I then email the results back to both my GP and Rheumatologist.

and an extra bit from DD
remembered that it is essential to ensure that the sharps are not fully closed whilst travelling because once they are they cannot be reopened. My spouse managed to do this with a big bin which had only two pens in it. :roll: DD